About Logistics Decisions Inc.

Our History

When Tim Quinlan started Logistics Decisions in 1998, he had been a Freight Rep at several big companies and grew tired of apologizing to customers for the embarrassing mistakes made by the carriers he worked with. He faced complaints from angry customers due to delays, lost freight and extra costs that he had no power to change or correct.

He wanted to create a new Logistics Company that offered error proof shipping that customers could always rely on, and one that he could be proud of.

To accomplish that, he would control every detail, on every shipment. He would take extra time to fool-proof every step along a shipment’s way, determined NEVER to let a customer down.

Even before pickup, he would call every trucker, every dock, every shipper and consignee in advance, confirming expectations and ensuring everyone did their jobs until final delivery.

He discovered that by calling everyone in advance, he uncovered shipping errors that would have led to delivery delays and unexpected extra costs.

Since his phone calls found these issues in advance of pickup, he had extra time to correct these problems, ensuring consignee deliveries were on time and free of unnecessary extra costs.

That extra care took a lot of extra time for each shipment, but it paid off. Customers and consignees loved it. Of the five customers that we had at start-up, three of them still ship with us, all these years later. We are very proud of that.

Almost 25 years have gone by since Logistics Decisions Inc. was founded.

Today we employ nearly 500 truckers annually. Each driver is a specialist with unique types of equipment, all are experts in a specific geographical region of Canada or the USA, and each one has proven his/her salt over the years.

Now we ship a wide array of products, ranging from 200 lb pallets to 200,000 lb oversized equipment, for customers across North America.

We’re still a family business, with Tim’s son, Adam Quinlan, leading our second generation. We may ship more freight than we did back in the 90’s, but we still stick to the same proven methods for every shipment, that our loyal customers rely on:

  • Advance Communication
  • Eliminate problems early
  • Constant shipment monitoring

Logistics Decisions is like no other. Dozens of big multinational carriers compete to see which can be a few dollars cheaper than the other. To them, your shipments are one of 10,000 other 9-digit pro numbers.

At Logistics Decisions, we know you personally. We understand your shipping needs. When you ship with Logistic Decisions, rest assured, no matter what it takes, 24 hours/7 days a week, we will do everything possible to make sure your delivery is on time and error free.

We are still just as determined as we were in 1998, to never let our customer down.


Logistics Decisions offers customers what NO INDIVIDUAL TRUCKING COMPANY CAN:

The very best trucking companies are experts at delivering freight:

  1. on their specific type of trailer,
  2. at their particular delivery speed,
  3. to one particular geographical region.

If your shipment needs that particular type of trailer, their particular delivery speed and delivers to that carrier’s one specific region, these carriers are perfect.

The problem is:


At Logistics Decisions, we understand that. That is why we have built a network of over 450 of these specialist carriers. This way, LDI can offer shippers what NO TRUCKING COMPANY CAN:

450 regional expert drivers for complete geographical coverage across North America, with the right trailer, at any delivery speed shippers need. Whether a slow, cheaper service is all you need, or non-stop 24 hours direct drives, day or night, 24/7.

No carrier can offer your business all of that. One call to LDI, and you know the shipment is covered perfectly.

WE ARE OBJECTIVE. WE WORK FOR YOU. Like an insurance broker, we have access to ALL TRUCKING COMPANIES, so we find the perfect carrier to suit your specific shipment… an expert who delivers specifically to your consignee’s location.

LOGISTICS DECISIONS DOES IT ALL, with different truckers that specialize in each state or province, specialized in every type of trailer and every service. One call to LDI covers your every shipment, with expertise that suits exactly what your shipment requires. NO TRUCKING COMPANY CAN DO THAT.