URGENT Emergency Deliveries 24/7

LDI’s DIRECT DRIVE NON-STOP SERVICE is 24 hours/7 days a week

When other trucking companies won’t answer the phone because it is after 5pm, remember this:

Logistics Decisions is on STANDBY 24 HOURS/DAY, ready to dispatch trucks for any emergency pickup. That is every day, including weekends and holidays, because emergencies don’t always happen during your day shift.

When every minute counts: You only need to make one call to LDI @ 1-877-239-9669. You can rely on LDI to do the rest, so you can focus on your crisis. You know LDI’s trucks will be dispatched immediately, day or night.

Night or day, you can count on LDI to:

1. Call your supplier to confirm freight info, verify the freight is ready and how it will load.

2. Immediately dispatch the right type of truck, based on the dimensions, weight and loading method.

3. Email the shipper a BOL and copy you, so you know what is happening.

4. Handle all ETA enquiries directly, providing shippers, consignees and all concerned with immediate first-hand shipment status updates, insulating you from any interruptions during your emergency.

5. Communicate so that you don’t have to. LDI advises everyone as to the pickup ETA, will provide timely truck location updates and an accurate delivery ETA, so staff will be ready to unload when our truck arrives.

We are here to help. Call now!

When you need trucks immediately, day or night, call Logistics Decisions Inc @ 1-877-239-9669.

We understand how EMERGENCIES hurt your business and that every minute of downtime wastes your money. We know exactly what to do to help. 

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Get in touch with us today. We are available 24/7.