Storage and Warehousing Tailored For Your Business

LDI is different in 3 ways

1. We Listen To You!

Instead of telling you how warehouses will store your freight, we listen to what you need!

We help you customize storage to suit your business whether short or long-term, indoor or outdoor

We show the warehouse how to implement YOUR STORAGE PLANS

2. We Work For You!

LDI IS OBJECTIVE! Unlike Warehouse sales reps, LDI doesn’t sell for one particular warehouse, with their one system, one location, one type of racking or one ceiling height, or even in their one particular city.

WE WORK FOR YOU. LDI listens to your needs, then researches and objectively, we tour and compare warehouses on your behalf, then bring you to visit the top few that we believe will suit your company’s specific needs. You decide. All we care about is helping you get the best warehousing or storage that suits your company best.

3. It's Free!

LDI’s Logistics Consultants are a VALUE ADD, whether helping you re-plan your shipping output, dock flow, or utilizing LDI’s Objective Warehouse research. IT’S A FREE ADDED VALUE for all customers, in return for their continued shipping business, shipping referrals and long-term loyalty.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?